Posted: May 24th 2020, 10:30am

When I first started my own colour-matching experiments the idea was mostly born out of wanting to “get out of my own head”.

Of course, this game is great for kids. At first look it does come across as something quick and easy, a day-out or a day-in to occupy little minds.

It’s not just for little ones though, and it definitely doesn’t have to be a one-and-done day of hunting. Keeping a colour tag in my wallet or pocket, or on my keyring means it’s there in my mind too. I could go three days without thinking about it and then, out of nowhere, I see something that makes my mind go “look, it’s that colour”.

It’s easy to get wrapped up in our own stress-heads.
I have never been one to meditate or successfully do yoga for any length of time but #FindTheColour is something I return to personally when my head is swimming.

Launching this project actually happened on a whim. I had the tags but was “saving” them (basically procrastinating), wanting to wait until I had finalised every detail to make it “perfect”. Then about two weeks ago I went for a walk, stress-head whirring away, looking at the floor instead of my surroundings and thinking at 3000mph.

Out of nowhere a bounce-happy pup with a helicopter tail runs past me and straight in to a toddler wearing a bright yellow coloured coat. The dogs owner shouts from a distance “Sorry! He loves yellow!”, the toddler laughs a proper high-pitched toddler laugh and the puppy wiggles around her, almost knocking her over with excitement.
“Yellow!” I thought, “that dogs colour is yellow”.

For the rest of the walk my mind softened up as I flit between spotting yellow things and wondering which storage box the tags would be in.

…and so the game began!

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