First posted: May 24th 2020, 10:30am

Since the launch of #FindTheColour on May 13th (just 10 days ago) over 50 tags have been posted out and around 50 photos have been returned.

I’m over the moon, this early on in the project and the tags are already reaching addresses all over the place! Locations include Leeds, Hull, York, Huddersfield, Newcastle, Cambridge, Essex, Llandrindod Wells, Knighton on the Welsh Border and even Berlin!

There are none in Scotland or Ireland yet, nor in the Midlands, on the Welsh coast, down in Cornwall or in Bristol, Brighton or London so if anyone knows anyone in these or other areas do spread the word!

Now the game has begun I thought I’d write a few words to help keep momentum up and to answer some questions that have been popping up…


There are two parts to this project.

A bit like the Next Catalogue; #FindTheColour has been split into two parts Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter.

Launching in May 2020, #FindTheColour begins with randomly selected colour tags being sent out to colour-hunters.
The colour-hunters mission is simple; look for items in your home, on your walks and in your day to day life that match the colour of your tag. Take a photo of the tag near the item to show the match, then send the photo to me. The easiest way to do this is by uploading the image to Instagram and using the hashtag #FindTheColour. You can also WhatsApp or email the photos directly to me too.

Behind the scenes it is my job to gather everyone’s photos into one large collection. As you can see in the photo gallery that I am starting to sort the photos into a basic spectrum…

This part of the project will run from May 2020 and will continue for as long as people are enjoying it. There is no deadline to this, however, stage two of this project starts in around October 2020 and I am hoping by then to have at least 500 photos.

Plotting for part two has already begun, and for now it will remain a secret.

In a world of uncertainty it goes without saying that there are many moving cogs in the creative world right now so there are actually a couple of plans in the mix; for now I will say the key words ‘digital’, ‘physical’ or, in a perfect world, a combination of the two.

Plans for part two will be revealed in October 2020.

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