Inspired by Tallers Oberts, Barcelona. “Find The Colour” explores colour and the urban landscape.

This project is currently in development

is everything just red

Art installation made at and inspired by Florence Mine.

Doremifasolatido Artist Residency. Egremont, Cumbria. 2016.

“Is Everything Just Red?” explores colour preservative methods with both natural and manmade materials. A scientific study of colour within the local landscape.

29 homes

A 3 hour durational performance piece for Domicile. Leeds 2015.

​”Domicile will open a dialogue between Leeds and Lille and explore the subject of social and digital connection and the idea of home.”

Through live sculpture (media: paper, print and collage) “29 homes” represented my own notion of ‘home’ and the connections that make it so.​ These homes, memories of them and the connections I hold to them form the backbone of this work.


Clay models, photography and drawings with a focus on northern architecture and exploring the idea of a ‘Cultural Corridor’ spanning the M62 motorway.

​NORTH Artist Residency.
Warrington Contemporary Arts Festival. Leeds Pavilion – Pyramid and Parr Hall. 2015.

The golden bear hunt

​Walking over 100 miles of Kirklees footpaths to lay a county-wide treasure hunt. 500 handmade Golden Bears became gifts for others who followed in my footsteps.

​Bear Hunting and Other Ways to Walk. Kirklees, Yorkshire. 2015.

​”The Golden Bear Hunt” treasure capsules included a handmade golden bear, a handmade information booklet with a unique bear number, a sticker and a blank postcard encouraging the finder to write to me about their walk.


A collaborative research project focusing on Art/Work/Life balance.

Overtime exhibition – Leeds
Work & Art Symposium – UCA Canterbury. 2015

​”Art/Work” looks at the relationships between the arts and the systems that contain it. Speaking to working artists and freelance professionals, deciphering relevant literature and collating current information – looking for the reasons why we often struggle to justify creative practice as a form of employment.

Take it all apart…

Created from (and destroying) my extensive collection of curiosities, documents, traces, plans and paraphernalia this installation colourfully and visually explored themes of object hoarding and human obsession.

HOARD final group show. Leeds Corn Exchange. 2015.

​”Take It All Apart and Put It Back Together” is the result of a four year residency with artist collective HOARD, focusing on objects and artefacts relating to personal art practice

Impossible lecture retreat

A three day retreat aimed at developing new and tour-able performances.

Impossible Lecture Artist Residency.
Beacons Festival, Skipton, Yorkshire.

2014: Development of a durational performance exploring honesty and individual values with Rachael Young

2013: Exploration of fear and the development of a highly personal durational performance/experience.


A playful Hide-Find-Seek game launched in 2014 in Barcelona and later boosted in Leeds, Manchester, Hull, Birmingham and London.

​Two types of owls follow two types of game. The Spectrum Owls come in many colours and can be kept and colour-matched (see ‘Find The Colour’ project). The Golden Owls create an ever changing path to follow.

These owls have turned up across the UK as well as much further afield in Spain, France, Belgium and the USA.


An interactive sculpture exploring unbalanced communication power dynamics. “WebCamHead” is a featureless head and shoulder sculpture with a webcam, speakers and microphone disguised inside, linked to a hidden computer.

Artist in residence. Manchester Science festival. 2011

Durational Performance. In(x)clusion performance arts festival. 2014

juliana’s bike

Exploring the constraints of space, time and the balance of public art versus personal work and research.

​Juliana’s Bike Artist Residency.
Temple Newsam, Yorkshire. 2013

​A fibreglass living area attached to a push bike became my ‘home’. Positioned in a popular courtyard my life and work became a focal point. During the evenings the space, now closed to the public, became incredibly quiet and offered time for reflection and personal creative development.

it’s in your hands

A set of six boxes, presented in a classic paper take-away bag, containing documentation of projects I had completed during my degree.

Interactive installation and site specific archival work. Leeds Beckett. 2013

Presented to an anonymous examiner. Reading the contents of Box 1 revealed instructions on how to open and assemble the contents of following 5 boxes within a prepared space. This process resulted in the examiner hanging my final degree show for me.

Choose your own adventure

A printed text book designed and made specifically for the Vantage Art Prize. This guide created over 230 possible tours through the 45 art works on show plus trips to the lifts, smoking areas and toilets.

2nd Place. Vantage Art Prize, Leeds. 2013

The book could not be designed until the 3 floor exhibition layout was decided just a few days before the opening event. 500 individual books were printed, hand-folded and assembled.

tiny : insignificant

Exhibition co-created and curated with Rob Graham (Wet Nuns).

Space 2. Leeds. 2013

A size limit of 10x10cm2 was set and each selected artist was encouraged to work in their own style but on this much smaller scale. Exhibition details included custom made plinths, magnifying glasses, scaled down information decals and a tiny publication detailing the work on show.

under the stairs

An anonymous, 23 piece, site-specific installation series created for an area of dead space under a busy staircase.

Leeds Beckett University. 2013

The space could only be used from 9am until 5pm and had to be left completely clear after use. With tight time constraints plus limited materials I created a new installation every other day for two months. Materials included 72 pints of jelly, icing sugar, balloons and toast.

role models

“Role Models” is a self portrait and live performance created for an exhibition of the same name.

Space 2. Leeds. 2012​

With Facebook playing a massive part in modern western culture this piece takes inspiration from the positive aspects of being digitally connected to others.

the box

“The Box” is an intensely personal installation which aims to leave the viewer feeling claustrophobic, curious and voyeuristic.

Project Space Leeds. 2011

The inside walls of a 4x4x7ft wooden box are entirely covered with paraphernalia collected over three years. A torch is attached to the inside and on closing the door the viewer is enclosed and surrounded by this obsessive collection including personal letters, notes, gig tickets, photos and plans.

chalkboard mask

Interactive sculptural and performance piece inviting the public to represent their personality, current mood or a specific emotion through chalk.

Woolgather Art Prize. Leeds. 2011